Community Supported Agriculture Delivery

Subscribe for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly community supported agriculture deliveries to your door


Does your farm offer a CSA program?

Our platform allows for you to include a subscription option for your products. To begin offering CSA deliveries from your FarmTab storefront, simply add a new product, change the product option to "Subscription Product" and enter in the subscription pricing information. Customers will be able to review the cost per subscription payment, first payment date, and duration of the subscription before purchase.

Subscription Documentation

Accept New Members

Offer a product with a sign-up fee that covers the cost of your CSA program, the price of subscription deliveries will be displayed at checkout and will be charged to the customer each time the subscription is set to recur.

Deliveries or Pickup

Customers can choose to pickup their order each week at no extra cost or choose to pay for DoorDash delivery. The cost for delivery is displayed at checkout and will be charged each time the subscription recurs.

Track Customer Subscriptions

Subscription orders can be reviewed the same way individual orders can be reviewed. You can review the next order, change the next payment date, cancel subscriptions, and suspend subscriptions for a limited time.


Update my subscription

When you order a subscription you can update your information by visiting "My Orders" and clicking on your order. It will prompt you with the option to "Cancel". "Suspend", "Change Address", "Change Payment", and "Renew Now" for your subscription.

Do you offer a community supported agriculture program?

Register your farm to begin offering same-day DoorDash delivery for you community supported agriculture program