Jersey Fresh Products


Is your farm located in New Jersey? Are you a member of the Jersey Fresh program? We have the perfect solution to let your customers know which products you have that are “Jersey Fresh”.

Every registered farm on that is located in New Jersey will be able to add the “Jersey Fresh” logo to their products that fit the program criteria.

How to add the Jersey Fresh Logo

Under the product information section there is a checkbox to add the Jersey Fresh logo to your product

When you add a new product, there is a section labeled “Product Information”, all New Jersey farms will have an additional checkbox that reads “Is this product Jersey Fresh?” with the “Jersey Fresh” logo next to the checkbox. Simply click this checkbox to label your product “Jersey Fresh”, update or publish your product and you are good to go!

The Jersey Fresh logo will appear in the right hand corner of the product name area

Ready to get started?

Add your first product today or register your farm to begin selling to your audience online! Haven’t registered with the Jersey Fresh program yet? Visit their website to learn more.