DoorDash Delivery Configuration


In your Farmer Portal you can edit your DoorDash hours by selecting the “DoorDash” menu option in the left hand navigation. Once you’ve selected your DoorDash hours you can now edit the hours for your DoorDash delivery.

Delivery Scheduling

This setting in the DoorDash menu allows you to choose between the following options for your storefront sales:

  • ASAP Delivery Only
  • Scheduled Delivery Only
  • Both ASAP and Scheduled Deliveries

ASAP Delivery Only means the delivery driver will arrive at your shop the soonest that is allotted based on your settings, the customer will not be able to schedule the delivery in advance. Scheduled Delivery Only means the delivery will be scheduled for a later date up to the amount of days ahead that are set. Both ASAP and Scheduled Deliveries means that the customer will have the option to have their delivery arrive as soon as possible or be able to schedule the delivery in advance.

Configure DoorDash delivery methods, order lead time, and pickup instructions from your Farmer Portal

Scheduled Delivery Days Ahead

In this section you can add the number of days a customer can schedule a delivery in advance. The schedule will allow customers to only choose from days that your store hours are open, if  you set your hours closed on a certain day then a customer will not be able to choose that day for scheduled delivery.

Order Lead Time

This setting allows you to set the number of minutes in advance that a driver will be notified and arrive at your storefront for pick-up. This order lead time is set to 120 minutes by default. It is very important to remember that you should set the order lead time based on the amount of time it would take for you to pack an order for the customer.

Default Pickup Instructions

This setting allows for instructions to be set for the delivery driver when an order is placed. When the driver receives a notification for an order the will see this message. You can use this as a message that lets the driver know who to speak to when they arrive, or where the pick-up area is for your location.

Setting your DoorDash hours

Choose your hours for each day of the week. Leave blank on days that delivery is unavailable for your customers. Follow this layout when setting hours, for example: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

When the closing hour is set for 5:00 pm, and your delivery delay is set to 60 minutes, a customer can still place an order at 5:00 pm but the driver will be notified 60 minutes after the order is placed and will not arrive at your location until 6:00 pm. It is best to make sure that you account for this difference in lead time and closing time. If a customer places an order after the closing time, the DoorDash driver will arrive at your location the next time your store is open, at the opening hour.

Set hours for DoorDash delivery from your farm from your Farmer Portal